James A. RICALTON was born in Waddington, New York, USA on 13 May 1844 and died in Ogdensburg, New York, USA on 28 October 1929.  Ricalton was a traveller, photographer, big-game hunter, naturalist, adventurer and author. After a career as a schoolmaster in Maplewood, New York State, USA, Ricalton was employed in 1891 by Underwood & Underwood, producers of stereoscopic photographs. Ricalton photographed widely in China notably during the Boxer Uprising. His stereo-friendly style tended to make for somewhat stilted compositions and posings, often over-deliberately comprising elements of foreground, middle distance, and distant areas of interest. Nevertheless, he is an important documentary photographer, very popular in his day. Source: James Ricalton's Photographs of China during the Boxer Rebellion by Christopher J. Lucas (Edwin Mellon Press, 1990).