University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: He03-217. Photo from an album (UoB reference He03) kept in the School of Oriental and African Studies Archives, London (SOAS reference PP MS 82/14). No caption in the album for this photograph. This photogaph depicts the Regent Prince Chun (who is holding Pu Yi's younger brother Prince Pujie). Pu Yi (Puyi), the Xuantong Emperor (or the Last Emperor) is on the right. Prince Chun, who was Puyi and Pujie's father, acted as regent for the emperor during his minority. In 1934 the Japanese made Puyi emperor of Manchukuo under the reign name of Kangde. Aisin-Gioro Puyi (溥仪, 溥儀, Pǔ yí) (1906 –1967).

Caption on photograph
H.I.M. Hsüan T'eng Emperor of China Nao[...] Prince Ch'ien (Prince Regent) H.I.M. TêKang Emperor of Manchu Kuo

Estimated date
Black and white photograph
Archives & Special Collections, SOAS Library, University of London