University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: He03-244. Photo from an album (UoB reference He03) kept in the School of Oriental and African Studies Archives, London (SOAS reference PP MS 82/14). No caption in the album for this photograph. Father Victorinus Delbrouck was a Belgian Franciscan missionary in Hubei province. He was killed by the Boxers on 11 December 1898. His body was disembowelled and hung on a tree for public display. It was later returned to the mission in a wooden coffin. This photograph shows the body with a head wound in an open coffin at the official inquest. Around the coffin are local mandarin, Franciscan and Chinese priests. See 'Levensschets en Brieven van den E.P. Victorinus Delbrouck' ('Life and Letters of the Honourable Father Victorinus Delbrouck') by Monseigneur G. Monchamp, Luik (Be), Drukkerij H. Dessin, 1901. See He03-243.

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