University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Ro-s147. This photograph was taken from inside the French Concession, Shanghai, perhaps in Tung Men Road, which ran between Boulevard des Deux Republiques and the River Whangpoo, at the boundary between the French Concession and the Chinese City.  Rosholt records that the photograph was taken soon after the body of Philip Pembroke Stephens was taken away by an ambulance.  Stephens was killed on 11 November 1937 (see North-China Herald, 17.11.1937, and inquest reports on 1st and 8th December 1937). Rosholt’s later captioning for this photograph, typed many years later on its mount, seems to be unreliable and also includes typos. Biography of Daily Telegraph journalist Philip Pembroke Stephens (1903-1937) at  See Ro-n0376 and Ro-n0555Ro-n0861Ro-n0862.

Caption on mount
Section of old Chinese wall built around Nantao (South Island) probably in early Ching Dynasty to guard against pirates, mostly Japs. About 200 feet of old wall was left standing as it served as a demarcation line between Chinese municipality of Nantao and French Concession. Newsmen are trying to get glimpse of sgreet fighting in Nantao between Japs and Chinese garrison. I took px just as French ambulance left with body of Pembroke Stephens, a Brit who was killed when he stepped onto a water tower from the wall and began to signal Chinese troops and Jap sharpshooter got him. Pxx taken late August 1937. French police officer at right.
Caption on photograph
Pxx taken late August 1937. French police officer at right.
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Thursday 11 November 1937
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