University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Sw01-037. G W Swire referenced each negative in this album with the prefix A written in white ink. This negative is referenced A27. The album itself has also been archived at some stage with the reference P2/II. This photograph shows a small NYK passenger ship and a Jardine Matheson river steamer on the far right. The NYK steamer is one of three almost identical sisters built on the Clyde for the Australian service in 1898-99: KASUGA MARU, FUTAMI MARU and YAWATA MARU. FUTAMI MARU was lost in 1900, and no photos are known to exist. The boat arrangement exactly matches a photograph in Sydney of YAWATA MARU. A photograph in Australia of KASUGA MARU shows a larger lifeboat, but that may be something implemented following the TITANIC disaster.

Caption on mount
Album cover: China Northern Ports B & S (Butterfield & Swire) Album index: Folio (Sleeve) 27, two negatives: Ningpo

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Black and white photograph
Archives & Special Collections, SOAS Library, University of London