University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: WG02-308. William Charles Grant was born in England in March 1887 and joined the Shanghai Municipal Police in 1910. He left the force in 1912 to become a warder at the Shanghai Municipal Gaol (now Tilanqiao Prison) in Ward Road (Changyang Lu), Hongkew (Hongkou) district, Shanghai. Rising through the ranks he was appointed Governor of the SM Gaol in 1939. He was retired by the Japanese in February 1942 and interred at Haiphong Road Camp. In December 1945, the Grant family arrived at Liverpool, England. W.C. Grant married Ivy Lillian Ellis in 1925 and the couple had three children: Donald Alfred Ellis Grant (born in 1928), Alan William Grant (born in 1932) and David Charles Grant (born in 1937).

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